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Trail Magic

Trail Magic

RRT was in part born on the Appalachian Trail. Owners, employees, and customers alike know the magic that encompasses that great long trail. If you’ve been on the AT before you too may have experienced some trail magic. Trail Magic is that unexpected gift that makes your trip a bit more smooth. On the At that may be a ride to town, a cooler of beer, or a place to stay the night.

We wanted to bring trail magic to you. That is why in 2019 we came up with our first ever annual Trail Magic card. Printed on real wood, our Trail Magic card gives you 10 different one time perks that can make your trip a bit more smooth. You may find discounts on specialty equipment or free gifts with your purchase. Every card is packed with over $300 in value! Trail Magic cards are good for only the printed year and have restrictions (see store for details).


Don’t miss out on your Trail Magic for 2020! Here is how you can get it:


-Stop by RRT and donate $20 to one of RRT’s not for profit partners and the card is free!
-Watch our facebook or emails for special customer appreciation offers

These cards are a limited print run and not guaranteed to be available. Trail Magic perks can vary from year to year. All perks are one time use and will expire on 1/1 of the following year.